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Portable Grill BBQ

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R 1,990.00
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The arched oven space is covered with authentic braised toast. The arched shape creates a heat cycle in the oven and the ingredients are heated evenly.

It is a universe inside, the size of the frame is charcoal separated by two pillars, and the partition can be adjusted left and right, one oven can be divided into two areas, high and low-temperature separation, avoiding excessive grilling.

Overhead charcoal carrier, efficient use, coal head frame, ash naturally fall to the bottom of the furnace, if the carbon and ash are separated and used, the carbon ash will not cover the carbon material, resulting in difficult combustion. Waste.

Car-carry, carry it with you, small size, convenient handle, designed for outdoor travel, make the trip, no no happy meat.

What speaks for us: no more tangled up for grilling, integrated roasters who share the fun with family and friends HIGH CAPACITY experience and with others.



  • Grill Type: Charcoal Grills
  • Metal Type: Steel
  • Size: 42 x29 x 37 cm