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Vertical Garden 6-3
Vertical Garden 6-1 Vertical Garden 6-5 Vertical Garden 1 Vertical Garden Bag

Vertical Garden 6 Pockets



Durable vertical garden pocket.

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Create a lush courtyard, transform a balcony, soften and green stark walls with the Vertical Garden Wall Planters. These versatile pockets can be used in so many ways to green our urban landscapes and promote a healthier and aesthetically more beautiful environment.

  • Use one or more bags to create a vertical garden
  • Ideal for walls, patios, balconies and courtyards
  • Holes in liner base provide drainage
  • Strong geotextile fabric
  • Moisture liner to keep potting mix moist and to protect your walls
  • Eyelets with reinforced webbing for securing to walls (screws not included)
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to replant

Use a combination of 3 Pocket and 6 Pocket Wall Planters to create a vertical wall garden.Balcony Planters can be used effectively to green a balcony or provide privacy.

Plants and Soil:

  • Any plants that are suitable for growing in containers can be used, from decorative plants to herbs and fruit, as long as the plant does not grow too big. Trailing plants work particularly well.
  • Water hardy plants are more suitable for very hot walls or in courtyards where heat is deflected.
  • Use a good quality potting mix and add an agent that helps with water absorption.
  • Work on about 1 litre of soil per pocket – remember to take into account the soil that comes with the plant.”

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26 x 26 cm


6 Pockets

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