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Shade D Shackle



Fix to a wall or poles as an anchor point for a shade sail

Range of fixing accessories are manufactured from Marine Grade 316 stainless steel. It is a superior quality steel for outdoors, which will not rust.

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All fixing accessories are marine grade stainless steel (used on boats) Stainless steel does not rust.

Two of the corners must be tensioned when installing. Use a Turnbuckle to tension and hold in place, or use a Strap Tensioner to pull tight, and fit in place with a S Hook, Snap Hook or D Shackle

The other corners can be connected to a Pad Eye or Eye Bolt using a Snap Hook, S Hook or D Shackle according to personal preference

Accessories Overview


Normally, a minimum of 2 corners will each have a turnbuckle.

Both turnbuckles should be attached on the same side of the Shade Sail while the two opposite corners will have S hooks attached.

The turnbuckles are to be connected to the eye bolts.

These allow you to adjust your shade sail to the correct tension after hanging your shade sail – these are turned to find final tension between your shade sail and the wall or pole mount.

Eye Bolt

Similar to pad eyes but these are screwed into your solid wooden or steel poles.

They create a ring through which you are able to attach the turnbuckles.

Pad Eye

Similar to Eye bolts but these are connected to a wall onto which the turnbuckles can attach.

Snap Hook/D Shackle

These act as intermediaries between the wall pad eye or pole eye bolt.

These can create more space if needed between connections.

S Hook

They will be placed against your wall or the back line.

They take on the same position of the turnbuckles but on the opposite side of your shade sail where turnbuckles are not used.  Refer to ‘turnbuckles’ above for more info.

Strap Tensioner

This is a ratchet and allows you to correctly tension your Shade Sail so that it is correctly taught by bringing the eye bolts or pad eyes closer together to have the turnbuckle inserted between them.

After applying the correct tension, connect the turnbuckle and release the strap tensioner, which would still be holding tension and allow the turnbuckle to take on the released tension.

This makes anyone capable of putting up a Shade Sail easily.

Additional information




71 gm


Marine grade stainless steel

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