With the South Africa temperature going up and unpredictable patchy rains pouring here and there, the weather has surely left us all restless with humidity. In such conditions an ideal time can be spent in one’s garden. For this, a lovely set of furniture adds to the warmth that is required to have a wonderful time. Be it your front, large garden or a backyard kitchen garden; you can spend quality time with your family and friends, sip a cup coffee, play board games, share tales of your childhood and when alone read a book! They are also perfect for family brunch and evening parties. Cube-4-str-12-600x600We at Rattan make elegant garden furniture for this very purpose, and we make sure you have a great range to choose from. With our Rattan range of garden furniture you can satisfy your taste for sophistication and elegance to match with the interiors of your home. So be it a private alone time or a party with friends, you will not cease to revel in the beauty and comfort of your Rattan garden furniture.


The best thing about our garden furniture is that it can brave all climatic conditions. Be is the glaring sun or the monsoon splash, it can endure all. You do not have to worry about moving and shifting your furniture each time you notice change in the weather. You no more have to worry about its wear and tear, as Rattan furniture is durable and long lasting.

In most of the cases it is seen, that if one gets quality then style is missing, and when style is there, the quality disappears. But our Rattan Garden Furniture is a perfect amalgamation of style and quality, especially designed for your comfort and style. And the best part is they are available at reasonable prices.