Creative Living rattan garden furnishings, Durable, hardwearing, strong, stylish, chic, and easy to maintain, one of the best options that you can find. We provide great quality furniture to make our customers satisfied. For instance, all of our rattan garden furniture pieces are made from strong synthetic materials reinforced with aluminium frames. Some of the models that we offer are hand crafted, which means that they give you the opportunity to embellish your garden area with some incredible furnishings.

At Creative Living, we offer a versatile collection of garden furnishing, which is perfect for gardens, decking, or balcony. We provide multiple chairs, tables, balcony and garden sets, loungers, sofas, and dining sets in a wide range of colours and tones that can help you to get the best out of your choices. All these can be supplemented with different accessories that we deliver, such as parasols, side tables, and many others.

We also propose some truly chic and even funny furniture pieces that can help you to enliven your garden area and even your indoor setting. One of these pieces is our adorable Daydreamer Hanging Chair. We really love this cute compact seat, which brings along comfort while taking up a little space. This chair is a wonderful option that allows you to seat and swing while enjoying the summer time.


Daydreamer Hanging Chair in Mix Brown (4)

Our Daydreamer Hanging Chair includes a back cushion for added comfort. It delivers a truly great quality and a beautiful modern design, which is based on the most classic and recognizable furniture piece of all times. Definitely, it is the best choice for those homeowners who want to complete their modern settings with chic, state-of-the-art creations, which are much improved by the latest technologies.