Switzerland, the land of fine chocolate! It’s also the land of fine cheese, the alps, and it’s famous neutral status but did you know that Switzerland also has some of the most beautiful scenery and exquisite gardens? In fact, there is even a “Gardens of Switzerland” website aimed at raising awareness and promoting the beauty of some of their natural flora. Each Canton has its own public and private gardens, some of which we’ll be sharing with you here:

San Grato Park

San Grato Park Switzerland
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This beautiful park is found on the hills of Carona, nestled between Mont San Salvatore and Mont Arbostora. Sitting at just under 700m above sea level, San Grato Park offers exquisite views of Lake Lugano and the peaks of the Alpine chain. It also offers the largest and most diverse collection of azaleas, rhododendrons, and conifers.

The park covers around 62 000 square meters and is a spectacular sight between April and May when the flowers come in to bloom. There are five trails which run through the park, each with a unique theme. The Fairytale Trail is perfect for kiddies to play and explore the park whilst the Botanical Trail is perfect for those who want to learn more about the plant life. One can also walk the Relaxation Trail, the Panorama Trail, or the Art Trail. San Grato Park is open throughout the year and is free to enjoy.

Enea Tree Museum

Enea Tree Museum Switzerland
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The Enea Tree Museum is the world’s first and only tree museum; a space where contemporary art and nature combine with great effect. Enzo Enea, a Swiss landscape architect and tree collector, designed and built the museum which was opened in 2010.

This museum and garden covers a vast 75 000 square meters and features trees which are only found in the Central European climate zone. The museum is home to some 2000 trees, with a special installation of about 50 species from Enea’s personal collection. Some of the trees are over 100 years old and blend with the modernity of the contemporary art and architecture in a never-before-seen magical landscape. The museum is open most of the year and can be found just outside of Zurich. It costs CHF 15 for adults and CHF 12 for students and groups of 10 or more.

Monte Verita

Monte Verita Switzerland
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Monte Verita is perhaps the most interesting of all. It is now a hotel with beautiful gardens but in the early 1900’s it was one of the first ‘hippie colonies’. Bought by Henri Oedenkoven, the “Hill of Truth” was a colony of vegetarian nudists who longed to be one with nature.

They built several light and airy huts, worked their vegetable gardens, sunbathed, and simply enjoyed the natural life. In 1926 it was bought and turned into a luxury hotel. Guests can now walk around the beautifully manicured gardens and visit historic spots such as:
The elegant Japanese Tea garden where they used to hold proper tea ceremonies.
The different huts and sections of the museum.
This garden is a reminder that the utopian ideal is still very much alive!

Switzerland has a whole list of exquisite and interesting gardens to visit. Here are some more beautiful Swiss gardens which are worth a look:

Botanical Gardens – University of Zurich
The Camellia Park – Locarno
Adelboden Flower Trail – Adelboden
Botanicall Gardens and Conservatory – Geneva
Belvoir Park – Zurich

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