It’s December and the sparkle of tinsel and greenery of Christmas trees are adorning the shopping centres. We all know that Christmas is fast approaching and with it, the school holidays. Whether you’re a parent, aunt/uncle, babysitter or the parent’s best friend, we’ve rounded up a list of fun yet simple Christmas crafts to keep your little ones busy this holiday. Not only do these fun Christmas crafts keep them busy, but they will be great to use as toys or as decorations afterwards.

Ice-cream Stick Christmas Trees

To make each tree you will need 3 ice-cream sticks, one square of paper roughly 2.5/3cm square, a small paper star covered with glitter or cut out of glitter cardboard, a piece of string roughly 15/16cm long, a glue gun or craft glue, scissors and a craft knife.
You can also gather some fun items to decorate the tree, treasures such as tiny pompoms, stickers, glitter, pieces of tinsel, buttons, small bells, etc. The ice-cream sticks can be bought in different colours from any craft shop or you could use plain ones and paint them green. For further instructions, visit One Little Project.

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Fake Snow

We don’t get the white Christmas others do, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make our own! You’ll need a big bowl; and it’s probably best to lay down a large blanket so you don’t have to clean up your floors afterwards. This one can get messy but is so much fun! Let your kids pour 500g of baking powder into the bowl followed by a good handful of shaving cream (preferably unscented and organic  if possible). If more shaving cream is needed then simply add. It is also nice to mix in 2 drops of lavender oil. Let your kids knead the snow, mixing the ingredients together. You’ll see it start to form ‘snow’ almost immediately. This is a great form of sensory play and the ‘snow’ can even be shaped so you can build little ‘snow’ castles or snowballs.

Candy Cane Hunt

This is just like an Easter egg hunt but with Christmas candy canes. You can get creative and hide different candies. If you have more than one child you could also hide a Santa Claus toy/craft/chocolate and offer a prize to the first one who finds it.

Pine-cone Decorations

This one is great fun and begins with a nature walk to collect pine-cones! Once back home you can really get creative. You can paint the whole pine-cone, or just the edges. You could cover the wet paint in glitter or stick little pompoms and other ‘decorations’ on. You can spruce up a pine-cone however you like! If they are small enough you could even attach a string and hang them on your Christmas tree.

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Tin Snowmen Bowling Pins

Gather your old tin cans and strip the labels off. Paint them white and decorate them like snowmen complete with orange nose and button eyes. You can either pain these on, glue on cardboard cut-outs or use real buttons for the eyes and cardboard for a 3D nose. Once they have dried you can stack them like bowling pins and let your kids knock them over.

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There are so many Christmas crafts to keep your kids busy this festive season. You can collect toilet rolls and turn them into reindeer, or Santa, or a snowman. Old egg cartons can become reindeer heads complete with red nose. Or whip out your baking goodies and make some snowball playdough. If you’re really feeling ambitious you could try this life-size cardboard gingerbread house or the Christmas tree ball sorter.

From all of us at Creative Living, happy holidays and happy crafting!

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