An Ocean Inspired Outdoor Living Space

Spring has sprung and summer is well on its way! With the warmer weather comes the call of the ocean and what better way to celebrate than with an ocean inspired outdoor living area.

One of the hottest trends for summer is beach cottage decor. There is something peaceful and relaxing about the white-washed furniture, airy spaces, and cool hues that go hand-in-hand with this perfect summer look.

At Creative Living we have plenty of décor to choose from should you wish to indulge in your fantasies of owning a seaside cottage – with or without the actual sea. Here are five tips to creating the perfect ocean inspired look:

Make it White

1.      The key to creating a perfect nautical space is the colour white. White is used as the base for this look – for furniture, walls and floors. Think white wooden panelling, white ceilings and floors, and weathered white or wicker furniture. To avoid a stark, blinding white space, play around with different shades of white and add a break in the form of natural wood flooring or pieces of furniture.

White and wicker lounge
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Weather Resistance

2.      Weather resistant furniture and fabrics are the only way to go. Not only will they withstand the humidity and sunshine of summer, but are super easy to clean. Weather-resistant items won’t leave you worrying about wet swimsuits or sandy feet! Our furniture and décor is specially designed with the elements in mind.

Shades of the Ocean

3.      Colours such as cool blues, bright turquoise and sea foam green are a must for ocean inspired accents. They bring the tranquillity of the ocean into your outdoor space and create pops of colour in contrast to the clean white. You can even paint window frames, doors, or floors in an accent colour. Getting creative is half the fun!

Blue and wood beach style couches
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Interest Pieces

4.      Use seaside inspired pieces such as old glass bottles, fishing nets, seascape paintings and driftwood. A nice idea is to fill a jar halfway with sea sand and place a tea-light candle on top. You can put seashells in a bowl or let large shells stand alone, or even use them to frame a mirror or line a side table. Just be sure to check your local laws before combing the beaches in your area. Some other ideas include sea shells, rocks, pieces of coral, rope and knots, decorative wallpaper, hammocks and accent pillows. Scour yard sales and flea-markets to find some ocean inspired treasures.

Beach candle decor
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Light and Airy

5.      Another key element of this trend is the light and airy spaces. Don’t clutter your outdoor space with so much that it looks like a knick-knack store. Well-chosen interest pieces with nicely spaced furniture will create that Zen feel that comes to mind when we think of a beach cottage.