Many consider autumn the change between spring and winter, nothing more. Leaves begin to change colour and fall and plants lose their vibrancy as the nights become colder.  

However, the beauty of flowering plants and lush gardens need not end with the change of season. Here are 8 autumn flowering plants to enhance your garden keeping it bright and beautiful during the autumn season.

Autumn Flowers
Photo by Irina Iriser from Pexels


Asters flower near the end of summer as the season’s shift. These blooms bring a burst of colour to your garden when leaves begin to fall and the autumn colours arrive. Flowering in shades of purple, pink, white, and blue, Asters are a nice change from the traditional end-of-the-season colour palette. 

Autumn Flowers
Photo by Emily Dean from Pexels


Chrysanthemums or ‘mums’ are a must-have in any autumn garden. Like Dahlias, they are easy to grow and care for. Mums are available in a rainbow of colours allowing endless combinations for your garden.


Adding a dash of pink to the usual reds and oranges of the autumn garden with Japanese Anemone. Despite its name, the flowering plant is actually native to China. Japanese anemone care is moderate and uninvolved as long as you keep the soil consistently moist. The plants don’t tolerate dry soil for long periods of time and it is suggested that a layer of bark chips or mulch is added to the top of the soil to keep the roots cool and moist.

Autumn Flowers
Photo by Emily Dean from Pexels


Although Dahlias are known to flower throughout the summertime, the warmer days and cooler nights of autumn aid the production of a great number of flowers. These blooms boast a more intense and vivid colour when compared to Dahlias that flower in summer. 

Dahlias are popular amongst gardeners as they are an extremely versatile variety. They are easy to maintain and require only a fair amount of attention. Flowers of the Dahlia come in a variety of beautiful, deep colours of yellow, orange, pink, red, peach and lavender. 


Make a statement by adding Red Hot Poker to your garden! These unusual plants are found in South Africa and are a great addition to any garden. Their pointed stems feature rows of flowers that grow in shades of red, orange and yellow that complement the colours of autumn perfectly.

Autumn Flowers
Photo by Mareefe from Pexels


Grown for its fragrance, Sweet asylum is yet another favourite which breaks away from the usual colour palette. Flowering in hues of both purple and white, alyssum is perfect for pots and flowerbeds, or as a ground cover as it creeps along the ground creating a carpet of colour. 


Flowering Sedums will bring a grand display of colour to any garden from late summer into autumn. When grouped together, the striking foliage and large flower heads of these plants create quite an impressive sight.

Flourishing and vibrant gardens don’t need to end with summer. Keeping your garden well maintained and cared for can ensure many years of beautiful autumn flowers.

Choosing plants that best suit your lifestyle, can make gardening a lot easier and pleasurable. For more of our Inspired Outdoors blogs, visit www.creative-living.co.za today!